Top Reasons We Don’t Normally Tell People We Have Toenail Fungus

1- It’s Not Sexy

Sure, Onychomycosis is not something you would typically discuss over dinner.

However, the odds are that you are not the only person sitting at the table with it.

  • Toenail Fungus is a bacteria growth that occurs in the toenail bed or the actual toenail.
  • It’s a common problem so really, you are not alone.
  • You need to take care of it quickly as the toenail is a protective cover of the soft tissue under it.
  • Allowing toenail fungus to well, continue to live a happy life on your toe is just an accident waiting to happen.
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2- It Doesn’t Smell Like Flowers

Here’s a common fallacy. Onychomycosis is usually painless and odorless in it’s early stages.

This is the time when you need an accurate diagnosis of the bacteria party forming on your tootsies. Allowing it to get an, ahem, foothold on your toe could result in the loss of a toenail.

This is when the war on toenail fungus gets painful. The exposed soft tissue under the toenail (remember when I said it was a protective cover?) will hurt like heck and make wearing socks and footwear painful, uncomfortable and an all around pain in the butt.

But, you can avoid that by getting ZetaClear.

3- It Spreads

Like any really well developed bacteria, fungus, infection or mold, they do their best damage when left alone to spread their wings and conquer more territory.

Onychomycosis is no different. Letting it grow to maturity guarantees just one thing. That it will add more toes and toenails to the party.

Lucky for you, you only have five toes per foot.

By allowing toenail fungus to migrate around your foot real estate you could end up with something called Tinea Pedis.

…That’s athlete’s foot to you and me and if you remember high school gym class at all, you will recall that Tinea Pedis can move for foot to foot. It also means that in most cases it will move to feet of other people who happen to step into a wet spot that contains some of the bacteria.

How To Win The War On Toenail Fungus

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